Drupal Camp Pakistan – reflecting

So its started sinking in to the masses what Saturday meant! and we have been reflecting on what we could have done better, what were our own faux pas! … connectivity was one, we should have had our own back up line.. in Lahore we will. the other lesson learned was.. capture the group pic in the morning or at lunch… but having left it for the end was cool too for of the 119 people (yes we got an exact number) who attend 47 stayed for the last session too…  pretty awesome we reckon!

Drupal Camp Pakistan – Islamabad Nov 17th 2012


We shall be uploading screen casts of the presentations and setting out the plans for Drupal Camp Pakistan – Lahore March 2013 before the end of the year and are banking on even more Drupalistas from around the third rock to contribute over Skype or in person…. watch this space.

This is Kubair Shirazee (totally knackered) with cameraman Nauman Khalid reporting from Islamabad.
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