In-sourcing embedded Talent… The FAQs

In-sourcing embedded talent to provide your in-house developers a capacity boost:

The FAQ series…

  1. The difference between Outsourcing and In-sourcing?
  2. Surely if the resources are virtual this is outsourcing?
  3. How much control would I have over the work these in-sourced resources are doing?
  4. How do I monitor what my in-sourced resources are doing if they are working remotely?
  5. How do I know how good these resources are?
  6. been burnt before by cowboy developers!
  7. What are the benefits of in-sourcing?
  8. How will in-sourcing save me money?
  9. Does in-sourcing suit my business?
  10. Can you explain how the process works?
  11. So how is in-sourcing different from Outsourcing… and better?

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