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The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 5: How do I know how good these resources are?

Quality assurance of in-sourced resources… How do I know how good they are? It’s the same as hiring a resource locally. You begin with a job description, the most suitable candidates are short listed from our resource pool based on their skill set, experience and communication skills. You interview the resource(s) and have the option […]

Beating austerity and the down turn without curbing investment in technology

When times are hard we need to look at what we can do to tighten the proverbial belt, this holds true for both the private and the public sector. It is in tough times that businesses should not hold back or shy away from investing in better processes or improved tech platforms to give themselves […]

From sourcing to selection: finding an offshore software services partner. part 2: onshore? off shore? near shore? or Hybrid?

So you have decided to explore the ‘outsourcing’ option…great. You have thought through your objectives and decided on the ‘functions’ or ‘domains’ to outsource partially or outright?… great! so what is it that you are looking for?…. ‘a reliable software development partner’ did you say?…. buona fortuna. Lets start with what is a reliable/great/good value/super […]